About Us

oklahoma city fabricationBoardman first opened its doors in 1910 in Oklahoma City as a tank and equipment manufacturer. We fabricated water well casing and buckets, hog feeders, stock watering tanks and other light galvanized sheet metal products. Later expanding into fans, cotton seed ginning and oil mill equipment, as well as gasoline storage tanks and grease racks, smoke stacks and breechings, culverts, oil field equipment and truck and trailer tanks. 

By 1926, Boardman diversified into bridge building, becoming the largest Oklahoma-based bridge builder. Boardman continued to diversify and in 1929 built our first Boardman fire truck for the City of Duncan, OK. Fire trucks were a standard Boardman product 20 years later. By 1940, Boardman began manufacturing pressure vessels and have held our ASME code stamp since 1948. By 1996, the final Boardman firetruck left our facility. We also offer field services through Boardman Field Services. 

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: To fabricate American products to improve the USA infrastructure and citizens’ quality of life
Vision: To be the most sought after and respected custom fabricator in the USA

  • Integrity
    • Be honest
    • Do what's right
    • Do what you say you're going to do
  • Safety
    • At work and home - Do it safely
    • Everyone is responsible for safety
    • Never compromise safety
    • Condition of employment
  • Committed
    • Deliver a world class experience
    • Continuous improvement - Always striving to be the best
    • Build long term relationships
    • Find the best way to get the job done
    • Leadership and professionalism
  • Team
    • Work together to achieve sucess
    • Treat everyone with respect
    • Stand up and take ownership

With Boardman’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of steel products, we continue to diversify and develop a strong presence in the markets we serve today.

Markets Served

Through the estimation, engineering and fabrication experience in each of these industries, we are qualified to work with many different materials, which include:  Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Clad, hastelloy, alloy 20 and high nickel alloys. 

Being located on Interstate 40 and a couple miles from Interstate 35 allows for easy transportation over the road. We are only 90 miles from the Port of Catoosa, one of the largest inland ports in the United States. 

Our ‘can do’ attitude continues today and we lend our custom fabrication expertise to new customers and opportunities.   

Fabricated Metal Products, non-Transport Eqpmnt in Oklahoma City