Custom Fabrication Field Services

Boardman has been providing solutions in the field to many customers and is now excited to have a team dedicated to Boardman Field Services as a more robust offering. We leverage our experience and dedication to quality to bring you on-site services, including emergency services, PMI services, vessel modifications, and more. Our expertise in custom heavy metal fabrication allows us to take our shop services to you, which helps keep cost low, while maintaining a high level of quality and safety.

Boardman's safety culture and wide range of fabrication capabilities helps us understand and work within challenging customer specifications to provide you with reliable custom fabrication field services. Our qualified and experienced welders are experts with TIG, MIG, gas, and submerged metal arc welding (SMAW) processes. Boardman Field Services works with a wide range of materials, meaning we can find a solution for you! We frequently fabricate custom products with inconel, stainless steel, chrome moly, and more. 

We proudly offer our custom field fabrication services to biofuel and petrochemical refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and more. 

Custom Fabrication Field Services Include: 

  • Emergency Services
  • PMI Services
  • Vessel Calculations/Re-Rating
  • Process Piping & Fabrication
  • Vessel Modifications  
  • Vessel Insulation
  • Specialty Welding (including overlay)  
  • Bolt Torqueing/tensioning  
  • Capital Projects  
  • Exchanger Bundle Extraction  
  • Field Retubing  
  • Plant Turnarounds  
  • Installation & Removal  
  • Inspection Services  
  • Tray/Packing Installation & Removal 

Our focus on our values, safety and quality are why we have been a trusted and respected fabricator in the market since 1910. Our focus on our values, safety, and quality are why we have been a trusted and respected fabricator in the market since 1910.

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