qualityEvery employee at Boardman owns quality.  Therefore, our quality begins with the hiring, training and continuous improvement of every employee at Boardman.  From how a vessel is quoted and designed to how it is fabricated, quality is a team effort. 

Our QA/QC department works hard to ensure Boardman’s high quality standards are met.  This includes audits of our suppliers to ensure we receive the best material from the best sources, as well as ensuring we utilize the best vendors when doing contracted work.  QA/QC completes a three-point check system to ensure fabrication is done right the first time.  Rework and X-Ray results are reviewed closely to make sure we are doing accurate and efficient work.  Our in-house NDE capabilities include:  Magnetic particle Inspection (Wet & Dry), Penetrant Testing, Brinell Hardness Testing, Hydrotesting, Ultrasonic Testing, Visual Testing, Radiography (Cobalt & Iridium), Capability to wrap & fire for Post Weld Heat Treat.

They also work to maintain our ASME Section VIII, Div. I National Board “R” and “U” Stamps along with ensuring we do quality work to AISC, API, AWS and AWWA specifications.

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